GameArter's AdBlocker service

Simple, light & customizable solution for detection and prompting users for disabling their ad blocker tool. Instead of displaying new annoying bars, the solution fills removed ad space.

Solution for adblock detection presented on this page does not work anymore after latest updates of adblocker plugins. GameArter has already new and tested more robust and complex solution which is available only on request. Public release is not currently planned to keep the new solution hidden from developers of adblocker solutions.

3 Main reasons to use GameArter's adblocker service

1) It's User-friendly.

GameArter's adblocker service do not block any content for user. Instead, it automatically replaces original space dsigned for advertising. Box helping users with disabling their ad-blocker tool is native part of Gamearter's adblocker solution.

2) It's fully customizable.

Set design, dimension, texts, translations and frequency of displaying. Works on mobile as well as desktop. Additional customization is possible to make on your own thanks to its open-source code or let them create GameArter for you.

3) It's for free and easy to implement.

Adding on website is matter of few minutes and even a novice in web and programming will manage it. Moreover, instead of taking money from your wallet, it will earn you by recovering lost of users disabling adblocker solution on your web.

Installation on website

Installation is in 3 quick steps

  1. Sync on-page script
  2. Async library script
  3. Configuration file

1) Sync on-page script

On page part is light part of adblocker service. This code contain simple method for detection of active adblock solution on webpage. If adblock is detected, this script starts load asynchronously full GameArter's library for interaction with page DOM.


<!-- div element with signs of ad space. Place it at the bottom of body element -->
<div id="gamearter_ad_block" class="adsbygoogle"> </div>

<!-- Script detecting presence of previously added element on webpage. Place it at the bottom of page, under div element -->
	(function () {
        var t = false;
        try {
            var d = document;
            var r = { t:t, b:1 };
            var ads = d.getElementsByClassName('adsbygoogle'), ad  = ads[ads.length - 1];
            if(ad && ad.innerHTML.length !== 0 && ad.clientHeight !== 0) {
                r.b = 0;
                if(d.getElementById("gamearter_ad_block") !== null) d.getElementById("gamearter_ad_block").style.display = "none";
            if(t || r.b === 1){
                var s = d.createElement('script');
                s.addEventListener('load', function(){ new MonetBlockerGameArterService(r); });
        } catch(i){ console.error(i); }
Variable Default value Description
r.t false Activation of server-side adblocker tracking (analytics).
Example of on-page implementation of GameArter's monet service

<!-- div element with signs of ad space. Place it at the bottom of body element -->
<div id="gamearter_ad_block" class="adsbygoogle"> </div>
<!-- Minified script element -->
<script n:syntax="off">
!function(){try{var e=document,t={t:!0,b:1},r=e.getElementsByClassName("adsbygoogle"),n=r[r.length-1];n&&0!==n.innerHTML.length&&0!==n.clientHeight&&(t.b=0,null!==e.getElementById("gamearter_ad_block")&&(e.getElementById("gamearter_ad_block").style.display="none"));var a=e.createElement("script");a.setAttribute("async",""),a.setAttribute("src","/gamearter_srvc/monet-blocker/library.js"),e.body.appendChild(a),a.addEventListener("load",function(){new MonetBlockerGameArterService(t)})}catch(e){console.error(e)}}();
<!-- end of page <body> element -->

2) Asynchronously loaded library

Library contain additional check of adblocking state, fuctionality with interaction of page DOM and can be extended about posting data to analytics. Library functionality is configurable via configuration file.
Download library.js file and place it to "/gamearter_srvc/monet-blocker/" directory.

3) Library configuration file

Configuration is set via "conf.json" file located at "/gamearter_srvc/monet-service/". Thus, configuration file address is "/gamearter_srvc/monet-service/conf.js"


	"adClasses": ["adsbygoogle","vm-placement"],
	"startDelayMs": 1000,
	"displayRatio": 100,
	"bannersPerPage": 1,
	"backgroundColor": "#ffb700",
	"textColor":  "#0f0f0f",
	"fontSize": "0.85vw",
	"fontFamily": "Open Sans,sans-serif",
	"button": {
		"display": true,
		"backgroundColor": "#b9b6b699",
		"textColor": "#0f0f0f"
	"translations": {
		"en": {
			"header": "Allow better games to be created",
			"text": "by whitelisting for displaying ads. With more displayed ads, there will be more money for creating games.",
			"button": "How to whitelist this website?"
		"cs": {
			"header": "Umožněte tvorbu lepších her",
			"text": "vypnutím svého adblocku. S více zobrazenými reklamami bude k dispozici více financí pro tvorbu her.",
			"button": "Jak povolit reklamy pro tento web?"
		"default": "en"
	"promptBannersSizeCustomization": {
		"active": true,
		"conf": {
				"horizontalBanner": {
					"maximumHeight": 100,
					"maximumWidth": null
					"maximumHeight": null,
					"maximumWidth": null
				"horizontalBanner": {
					"maximumHeight": 200,
					"maximumWidth": null
					"maximumHeight": null,
					"maximumWidth": null
Key Description
adClasses classes which define ad elements on webpage. Elements with these classes will be restored and will contain prompt for disabling adblock tool.
startDelayMs Initial delay in miliseconds before library starts work with DOM. Set at least 1000
displayRatio Percentage of users using adblock who will be prompted. Default value 100.
bannersPerPage Maximum number of adBanners which will be restored and wll prompt user using an adblock
backgroundColor Background color of prompt banners.
textColor Color of text displayed on prompt banners.
fontSize Size of text displayed on prompt banners. Using of dynamic font-sizes is recommended.
fontFamily Text font displayed on prompt banners.
button Configuration of button which open popup window helping users to disable adblock.
translations List of languages and translations for them. List can contain unlimited number of langiages.
promptBannersSizeCustomization Option to reduce size of original banner. E.g. decrease its size from 250px to 90px

Adblocker service in practice

Configuration file displayed at this website is same as is used for gaming website where you can check this adblocker solution in practice. This solution is active there for 99% of users from all countries except Russia, Poland and the Czech republic.

prompt popup

Popup window helping users to disable their ad-block is native part of GameArter's adblock solution.

Applicable improvements

If you are looking for more advanced solution, you can ask for GameArter's adblocker servise plus. That version brings:


Information about percentage of users using adblock, percentage of users who enabled adblock on basis of prompt message, percentage of users who enabled adblock at your page and outside of your page. This all in a time frame. (Ready to use)


Displaying affiliate banners instead of prompt messages. (require 2 hours of development time)

Advanced detection

Advnaced detection based on interaction with other libraries for ads. (require 3 hours of development)