Services designed for platforms publishing games of partnered game developers and game developers who publish games on their own.

Automate everything you can

Do you ask how to distribute a game? How to monetize it with ads.txt, terms for displaying ads, GDPR, ePrivacy and all the other standards and regulations? How to ensure that the monetization via ads is not blocked by publishers (blocking clicks via sandbox parameters, removing lines from ads.txt files)? And especially, how to make it all effectively, realtime, with minimum time required? GameArter can help!

Services for websites

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Ads.txt manager

If you publish 3rd party games, or have any 3rd party ad providers on your website, you may come into the situation that ypur ads.txt file will become messy. GameArter's ads.txt manager for websites eliminates it. You simply select ad providers you want to have active on your websites and gamearter will keep all lines in the files up to date for you. No more updates!

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Adding new games

Never ending story, moreover expensive. If searching for and adding new games on your website is something you do not like, you can delegate this work to GameArter. You will save time required for adding games and may focus for marketing or anything you like.

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User authentication system

If you have been thinking about adding user accounts on your website, you can make them compatible with GameArter's user accounts. The benefit? Your users will be automatically logged in all games powered by GameArter and their progress will be saved always on server. Conversion rates related IAP (in-app purchases) are better as well, and thus also revenue for you. You will have also less request related games to deal with thanks to no lost user data.

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Discussion solution

Discussions and social interaction is anywhere, however, mostly limited at certain website. GameArter's solution is special, tied to a game. If you use GameArter's discussion module, all users playing certain game interacts within same discussion. Regardless website they are on, they can communicate each other, with developer or GameArter team to solve any kind of problem.

Services for games

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Do you need to notify webmasters about your new game and do not want to send "spam". Over GameArter, you can send notifications to all webmasters who are signed to receiving new games from GameArter.

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Controller for games

Getting information about playability and websites, where your game is available is possible simply via any type of analytics. GameArter controller adds an option to control the game at the websites. DO you need to block your game or customize its behavior for certain website? GameArter controller will help.

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Ads.txt checker

Ads in your games run only if no ads.txt at certain website exists or if the website has your lines, or lines you need in its ads.txt file. GameArter's ads.txt manager will show you what ad providers are available at websites your game is on so you have immediate, realtime overview where your ads do not run. Ads.txt checker is also great tool which allow you easily decide what ads (ad provider) to run on selected website if your game allows run ads of more providers. You can set and control such ads via GameArter's controller for games.

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Sandbox attribute detector

If you use PPC (pay per click) monetization model, sandbox attribute eliminates all your revenue at the website. Only way to verify presence of cleverly set sandbox attribute is external check. GameArter can do this for you in realtime, ever day.

Initially developed by GameArter for own needs

All the services have been developed and being used by GameArter for own needs. On basis of this experience GameArter is able to provide services like this in short time and with accepted price.