GameArter & Publishers

Together we can change the market and maybe even the world. Let's do it!

Just few numbers at the start. There is over 3 billion people using internet, however only 20M of them on daily basis. That's still huge room where internet can grow - especially in a world of smartphone - which are currently used by 2.71 billion people. All these people are still closer to active using of internet - Facebook has 2.2 Billion monthly active users today and their number still grow.

Facebook and browser games are similar in one important thing - their using is "for free", their using is simple without nearly any UX, hardware or software limitations. One of the reasons to visit Facebook or games is excess of free time - the comodity which is expected to be yet more increased with come of new technologies and next industrial revolution.

GameArter's goal is not be an opponent of all existing gaming websites, on the contrary, create a synergies with them. This section intended for publishers will associate options created by GameArter for publishers.

10 reasons why to publish games with GameArter

  1. Maximum revenue for developers. GameArter provides developers the highest share in the market. Basic guaranteed share is 70% + developers may get extra bonuses. This way, you allow developers to earn more and make better games, meaning you will benefit from it even more in the future.
  2. SEO. By publishing games trough GameArter, you are adding iframes (certain form of link) linking to gamearter, not to a competitive gaming website. By this way, you do not weaken your own website in favor of competitive website you are loading games from.
  3. Guarantee of functionality. GameArter tracks and checks functionality and availability of all games running in its service. Games respect users privacy.
  4. Increased engagement. GameArter gameplayer is optimized for keeping maximum rate of engagement. This includes game downloading process, shared user account with automatical login for all games, shared currency and other features, increasing user retention, discussion modules for discussion with game developer, form for reporting bugs and other tools increasing players immersion and better feeling about the game.
  5. Promotion of your own website. If users share any GameArter game via ingame share options, they share it with a domain they are on - yours.
  6. Tested games with minimum bugs and UX problems.
  7. Clear option to check what games you have and what games you are missing on your website via section "Our games on your site" available on PacoGames.
  8. Option to get your own brand in GameArter games running on your website. Contact GameArter for individual offer.
  9. Public tools provided by GameArter. GameArter takes care of publishers health and shares advanced tools for them as e.g. Adblock retention tool for free.
  10. GameArter provides support for users as well as publishers. Any problem in the game? If there is a problem, simply report it and we will quickly deal with it.

In progress

  • Share from preparing in-app purchases.

Free games available for your websites

GameArter games are presented via Games for your website section available on PacoGames.