Registration for Income share

Thanks to independent game developers, game publishers and browsers creators, market of browser games is one of the latest perfectly decentralized environments. GameArter has no interest to disrupt it, but to improve it. There is a clear intersection of interests of publishers and developers - developers need publishers for effective way of game distribution and publishers need to be rewarded for this service. Till now, all incomes and rewards were mostly dependent on ads, which forced game developers as well as publishers to work especially with games of genres with huge user base. Nowadays, it is different, market of mobile games show us the willingness of users to pay for playing via freemium model and upcoming trend of tokenization powered by blockchain technology will mean another revolution in gaming and monetization. For last 2 years, GameArter has been developing its concept and services with respect to awakening of native browser games world in next 5 years, and today, it brings shared native gaming GRT currency connected to the games, where users can move their currency between all games and websites connected to the GameArter token economy. GRT token can be obtained as a reward for playing, or it can be purchased for FIAT currencies. To claim a share of these purchases is possible via following sections of this page.

Registration Steps to Claim an Income Share

GameArter currently provides a share of income purchases made on its partners websites. By claiming in-game purchases, claim for share of other types of income (ads, affiliate...) will be activated automatically in the time of activating the system. GameArter is going to accept all valid claims. Registration is divided into three simple steps. This section will explain what the steps are and what their purpose is. Registration itself wil be processed in the next step.

1) Domain verification

All incomes are counted at a domain level. Domain verification is a proof of domain ownership, which guarantee a claim for incomes related to the domain. Income is tracked since the moment of domain verification.

2) Contact filling

Contact filling is an integral part of registration due to the need of providing us a contact to responsible person for step three of the registration. This e-mail will be used as a contact e-mail and registration e-mail to the system.

3) Access to The system

Once two previous steps are completed, we will contact you via email you set in previous step. Last registration step is to sign standard legal agreement and get access to the system.

Registration process

1) Verify state of registration.

Paste domain, which you are responsible for, in following format "domain.ending", e.g. "", and press blue button for domain status verification.

Processing of personal data

Domain verification is public information everyone can verify over the process above. Personal data posted in 3rd step of registration - Name, e-mail and average monthly visits are processed as personal data under GDPR regulations.


Begin typing your question. If we don't have an answer for it in our FAQ, please leave us a message on our contact page.

  • What is purpose of the registration?

    By registering, you are letting us know your interest to use the service of income shares, which you brought to GameArter system via sharing and promoting its products.
  • Why do I need to provide all the informations?

    Information provided during the registration help us to minimalize time efforts required to contacting responsible people of individual gaming websites. Detail of average monthly visits help us to get quick idea about the size of the website.
  • When can I expect launch of in-game purchases?

    Expected launch is during November 2018. Currently, publishers have an opportunity to join in and get income share since day 1.
  • How much can I expect?

    Expected preliminary share for publishers is in the area of 25% - 30%, Developers will get 60-65% and GameArter will operate with remaining 10%.
  • When can I expect access to the dashboard?

    Access to the publisher dashboard will be granted few days after signing the agreement. Initial dashboard will be very simple and will provide basic transparent raw data only. Over time, we will make the dashboard more user-friendly.

Publishers on the board

Example of publsihers who already jumped aboard.